Athletes: The Other Side Podcast

Interested in the lives of athletes and what happens when their sporting careers come to an end? Today, we often forget that sportsmen and women are more than just athletes, they have other lives – often many have careers away from their sport. Athletes: The Other Side podcast explores the lives and achievements of athletes away from their sport so that you can learn from their stories. Whether it be how they made the daunting leap into the big, wide world once their competitive career ended or how they used their personal brand to give back to their sport. Athletes: The Other Side will leave you inspired by what these extraordinary people have achieved in their ‘other’ lives.

Athletes: The Other Side podcast is hosted by Ben Nichols and all episodes are available here or on your chosen podcast platform. Episode 10: No Distinction with Rebecca Smith is co-hosted by our own, Rowena Samarasinhe. Rebecca Smith is a former New Zealand captain and Vfl Wolfsburg treble winner. She’s lead a successful and international footballing career. Since retiring, this woman “of many hats” has put her multiple degrees, 4 foreign languages, and incredible life experiences to good work, founding JAMAA Sports productions, becoming Global Executive Director of Women’s Game at COPA90, and hosting her own BBC podcast, amongst an array of other exciting ventures.

Listen to this episode and many more for daily inspiration!